Get a Handle on College Financial Aid & Your Student Loans

We have very good tools that can help you get a solid understanding of the college financial aid process, especially  student loans. We cover it all..from applying for college financial aid to repaying your student loans after completing school.  

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Avoid College Scholarship Scams  |  Get Your Student Loans Forgiven

You may find yourself confused about how college financial aid works.  Many students have difficulty understanding the terminology, how to get started and what college financial aid includes.  With our eBooks below you can be assured that understanding and managing your college financial aid, especially your student loans will be a breeze if you let us educate you.


  10 Simple Steps to College Financial Aid eBook
Considering college financial aid for the first time?

If you are in this category, than you are probably feeling a bit anxious about starting and paying for college.  Taking out student loans can be a big worry if you don't know the first thing about borrowing money.  Many students in this category borrow loans throughout their four years of college and after graduation realize they have amassed a huge debt.  Before you apply for college financial aid read this eBook, 
10 Simple Steps to College Financial Aid, and make sure you know what you are getting into.

Student Loans Don't Have to Bite eBook

Out of school & need help understanding about repayment of your student loans?

All students who borrow money end up in this category eventually.  This is the period where you need to face your student loan debt and come up with a plan on how to repay.   If you have federal student loans, you need the eBook, Student Loans Don't Have to Bite.  This eBook covers a wide range of topics...from borrowing student loans to rehabilitating defaulted student loans. Take control of your student loan debt today.